Maintenance & Operations Challenges for Autonomous Transit Systems

Intended for: Transportation Agency Maintenance & Operations Managers & Executives

June 15, 2022 - 11:00 am PDT

New transit technologies - in the form of autonomous vehicles for public transport, offer the promise of significant labour and operational cost savings, but present new and different challenges for maintenance, reliability, security, and fleet management. skyTran’s new transportation system incorporates large fleets of simpler autonomous vehicles; this will require innovative approaches in fleet management.

This focus group is designed to explore approaches to vehicle cleaning, maintenance, and depot operations, as well as uncover current industry best practices. We are looking for public transit agency transportation operation and maintenance professionals interested in learning about innovative transportation technology to join us for this interactive discussion.

Duration 60 minutes
Speakers Ahsun Ahmed Sr. Market Analyst, skyTran
Marco Booth Product Manager – Safety and Reliability, skyTran
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