Growing Public Transit Ridership with New Autonomous Vehicle Technology

Intended for: City and Public Transit Agency Executives, Innovation, Technology, & Strategy Officers

June 1, 2022 - 3:00 pm PDT June 8, 2022 - 11:00 am PDT
SkyTran is developing a high-speed, on-demand, personal rapid transit system that directly addresses many of the known shortcomings of public transportation networks traditionally consisting of buses, streetcars, and trains. Our new technology has great potential to grow ridership by addressing key passenger concerns regarding transit times, schedule convenience, station accessibility, and personal health/security. In addition, our transportation solution will make a radical step change in project deployment time, city scalability, and operating cost per passenger mile. As part of our Voice of the Customer market research, skyTran wants to hear the input of city and public transit authority stakeholders so that we can embed their needs into our product. We also seek guidance regarding what approaches will facilitate rapid and pervasive adoption for a new transit technology that represents a significant departure from familiar modes. This focus group session is designed for public transit agency executives, city officials focused on transportation, and transit strategy/innovation focused professionals. Participants will have the opportunity to:
  • Learn about our innovative solution
  • Share the needs of their specific city or agency
  • Give product input & feedback to be used for product development
  • Discuss how we can best implement the promise of skyTran
Duration 60 minutes
Speakers Reid Westwood Chief Executive Officer, skyTran
Joe Pinelli Director of Product Management, skyTran
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