Innovation in Motion

Led by a visionary team of engineers and mass transit specialists, skyTran is obsessed with challenging assumptions and taking a first-principles approach to solving the stickiest problems – and we hate traffic. With this determination, skyTran has cracked the code on many key technologies, including:

  • A MagLev solution that takes all the intelligence and complexity out of the infrastructure, making it low-cost and scalable.
  • Cutting edge autonomy technology to move high-speed vehicles at tight spacing with the highest levels of safety

We are backed by luminaries in the technology innovation space including Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors and Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries, India’s largest private corporation.


Reid Westwood Chief Executive Officer
Andres Caicedo Chief of Staff
Michelle Gazafroudi Director of Operations
Bachir Kharraja Vice President Engineering
Alison Marcotte Director of Business Development & Partnerships
Joe Pinelli Director of Product Management


Robert Baertsch
John Cole
Clark Foster
Lee Wamble

Board Members

Scott Brady Innovation Endeavors, Managing Partner (Innovation Endeavors’ Designee)
Nitin Seth Reliance Industries Limited, Chief Executive Officer New Mobility (Reliance Designee)
Brett Trowbridge TRS Group, Inc., Chief Executive Officer/President (Independent Director)
Lee Wamble skyTran, Co-Founder (Founders’ Designee)
Reid Westwood skyTran, Chief Executive Officer (CEO Director)