Do you believe that cities should be for people, not cars?


SkyTran is the next evolution of urban transportation: Personal Mass Transit. Propelled by breakthrough magnetic levitation technology, skyTran is a high-capacity transit system where every ride is on-demand, direct-to-destination, and high-speed.

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Backed by Reliance Industries Limited

Backed by Reliance Industries Limited

Reliance Industries, India’s largest private section company and consistently ranked among the top companies globally, led skyTran’s Series B funding. With this strategic partnership, Reliance seeks to develop a leapfrog technology over personal automotive solutions and facilitate environmental sustainability through use of alternative energy. 

skyTran will tap into Reliance’s megaproject expertise, supply chain acumen, and recruiting reach to develop and deploy our globally disruptive technology.

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Incubated at NASA Ames.

Funded with a DoT grant, skyTran brought together visionaries and technologists across the mobility space. 

Determined to engineer a high-speed maglev solution that would address the problem of traffic congestion, the team developed fundamentally new technology and 7 foundational patents. This led to Series A funding led by Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors.

Proprietary magnetic levitation and

Our unique magnetic levitation and propulsion reduces noise and eliminates emissions and particulates while maintaining a simple, low-cost guideway. 

This enables a community-friendly solution for increasing transit capacity.

Engineered to go 100mph

With on-demand rides, no intermediate stops, and speeds up to 100 mph (160 kph), skyTran saves real time compared to driving. At the city level, this adds up to massive reductions in stress, lost productivity, and emissions associated with traffic congestion.

High-Capacity System

skyTran achieves the capacity of a 3-lane freeway on a single track. We use state-of-the-art autonomy technology to deliver the highest levels of safety while moving more people in less space. 

As lines expand into a city grid, vehicles flow across the system without congestion or slowdowns.

Low-cost and scalable infrastructure

Our modular and prefabricated design can be deployed dramatically faster than traditional infrastructure. 

With a small footprint and low cost, skyTran systems can be scaled and expanded over time to meet growing demand. For the same CapEx investment, skyTran can deliver a larger system that carries more people than either light rail or subways. 

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