Truly Upward Mobility

SkyTran is the next evolution of urban transportation: Personal Mass Transit. Propelled by breakthrough magnetic levitation technology, skyTran is a high-capacity transit system where every ride is on-demand, direct-to-destination, and high-speed.

Reimagining Cities with skyTran

We are building mobility that delights riders, connects communities, and enables beautiful and vibrant cities.

Delight riders
Order vehicles on-demand to accessible, nearby stations. High-speed, autonomous vehicles travel directly to the destination with no unnecessary stops. Riders reclaim time from traffic and achieve seamless mobility to work, school, errands, friends, family and life. The true definition of accessible mass transit.

Connect communities
Low-cost, elevated, modular, and flexible infrastructure that can be deployed in currently underserved neighborhoods. This creates levels of connectivity previously not possible and opens opportunity for thousands of new public transit riders.

Enable vibrant cities
Using one percent the ground space of typical light rail, our guideway enables cities to reclaim urban space for people, green spaces, and life. Elevating our high-speed vehicles provides best-in-class safety and ensures travel is free of disruption and traffic delays.

Ride Above the Road

skyTran meets a wide range of private and public transportation applications, especially where traditional modes would be too costly and too disruptive to communities. Offsite fabrication and modular design radically reduces project planning and deployment timelines. Weaving through narrow corridors and over existing Right-of-Way, the skyTran system can easily expand to meet demand. We have seen explosive growth in scooters, e-bikes, true on-demand Mobility-as-a-Service, but these only serve short distances. The skyTran system promises the real possibility of a door-to-door multi-modal transportation by integrating with other on-demand services. skyTran is the high-speed connective fabric of tomorrow’s holistic mobility solution

A Modern Alternative To Driving

Increases in driving have outpaced the expansion of roads and highways by 10x, creating painful and never-ending urban congestion. Incremental improvements are not enough – we need new transit capacity that works in a car-centric world. With a stress-free rider experience and real time savings, skyTran offers transit that is preferable to driving. SkyTran complements and extends existing mass transit to bring public transportation into the modern age.

Demand Outpacing Road Expansion (U.S.)

1980 1 1.2 1.4 1.6 1.8 2 2.2 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015 INCREASE Total driving distance Road capacity

Innovation in Motion

Led by a visionary team of engineers and mass transit specialists, skyTran is obsessed with challenging assumptions and taking a first-principles approach to solving the stickiest problems – and we hate traffic. With this determination, skyTran has cracked the code on many key technologies, including:

  • A MagLev solution that takes all the intelligence and complexity out of the infrastructure, making it low-cost and scalable.
  • Cutting edge autonomy technology to move high-speed vehicles at tight spacing with the highest levels of safety

We are backed by luminaries in the technology innovation space including Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors and Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries, India’s largest private corporation.

Our Story


skyTran Inc. is incorporated in 2011 bringing together visionaries across the mobility space with 20+ years of experience. Subsequently, skyTran is awarded a grant by the Research and Innovative Technology Administration, a part of the United States Department of Transportation (DOT). The DOT grant leads to a NASA incubator program where skyTran launches research and experimentation of maglev elevated high speed transit.


In 2017 skyTran receives Series A funding led by Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors. This partnership enables skyTran to demonstrate previously filed and patented maglev propulsion technology and progress into the full-scale technology development process.


In 2020 skyTran completes the final deliverable of the R&D state with an elevated, curved full-scale working guideway. skyTran receives Series B funding which includes a landmark strategic partnership with Reliance Industries, the largest private corporation in India. With funding and a technology proof of concept prototype, skyTran launches into its multi-year product development and commercialization process.

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